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This Is Pretty Punny!

Yeah that was a bad one… Most puns seem to make more people groan than laugh, but we think you might get a good chuckle out of some of these. Share them with your friends using the buttons below.

Bahahah, Wet Cats! The Facial Expressions Just Make Each Photo Purrfect

Wet Cats have to be the funniest thing I have ever seen. Take a look at these photo’s and tell me I’m wrong… If only this happened to people when they got wet. The weight loss industry would be finished in a heart beat! […]

17 Classified Ads to Make You Laugh

Are there a couple of pieces missing from your own collection?         Thanks for stating the obvious.   Missing Donkey Take your pick… The Apocalypse has begun A good price for a mattress Encyclopedia no longer required Save money, buy used See, it has been done Thanksgiving leftovers Hmmm, no thanks Good […]