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Just A Random Rapping Fried Egg

I hope this makes you laugh as much as it made me laugh.

I almost wet my pants with this one.

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And You Thought Your Cat Was Wierd – Cats Doing Yoga

Cats are pretty funny. I always find my cat sleeping in funny positions. I think I’d better start filming them.

The funniest has to be at about 2:40.


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Well, I Can Think Of Better Ways To Spend My Saturday Mornings…

Parents around the world. Especially those with young children, will know exactly how this feels.

We love the facial expressions dad shows through a few of these videos.

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This Is Pretty Punny!

Yeah that was a bad one…

Most puns seem to make more people groan than laugh, but we think you might get a good chuckle out of some of these.

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Daily Cute Cat Photo

Here it is, the daily cute cat photo.

Okay, so there’s more than one, but they are all the same kitten

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You Should Use Photoshop For Good, Not Evil. This Person Used It For Good.

We’ve all seen some pretty poor attempts to use photoshop before. That’s a post for another day.

There’s also a lot of famous issues with Photoshop being used in the modelling world.

And this one from Dove:

But sometimes, Photoshop is used for good purpose, and the below images show a great example of it.

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Mother Nature 1 – Humans 0

We are not sure where these trees are located, but as you can see, they have been growing around the remnants of war for some time.

To us it looks like a few helmets, a grenade, a bomb casing, a rifle and a machine gun.

Mother Nature has reclaimed the area and is slowing removing the remains of the battle fought here

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A Few Secrets That All Men Should Know – And Women Already Do


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Bahahah, Wet Cats! The Facial Expressions Just Make Each Photo Purrfect

Wet Cats have to be the funniest thing I have ever seen. Take a look at these photo’s and tell me I’m wrong…

If only this happened to people when they got wet. The weight loss industry would be finished in a heart beat!

Wet cats are hilarious.

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Cute French Bulldog Argues About Bedtime

French Bulldogs are gorgeous when they are puppies.
This one has decided that it is not yet bedtime.

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Mmmm! That Wonderful Taste Of Lemon.

My Jaw is clenching just thinking about biting into a lemon.
How would young children feel when they take their first bite?
Whatch the video below and find out.



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Cute Kitten Of The Day!

Here is a video of a very cute little kitten having a wonderful time at the beach.


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Awesome April Fools Joke – The Teachers Reaction Is Classic!

April fools jokes are great… Unless you are on the receiving end.

This Teacher seemed to take the whole thing pretty well! I can’t imagine doing this to any of my teachers while I was in school.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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That moment when you realise you sent the text to the wrong person…

We’ve all done it. But smart phones make it so much better.

Take a look through the hilarious text message fails below.













Make sure you check who you send your messages to.

And if you happen to get one like these, make sure you send it in to us for our next collection!

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Boiling and Freezing at the same time!

This cool stuff is called cyclohexane. In this video you can see it both boiling and freezing at the same time.
This is caused by temperature and pressure drop resulting in reaching the liquids triple point.

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Look I’m a Hooman, I walk On Two Legs…

I laughed so hard I cried, while my wife thought I was losing my mind

Hugh Jackman in Wolverine The Musical

We are big fans of Hugh Jackman here. Definitely a triple threat.

Here he is bringing together a bit of Wolverine with a bit of Les Miserables for a radio broadcast.

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World Record for the longest book domino chain.

The Seattle Public Library launched the 2013 Summer Reading Program by setting a new world record for the longest book domino chain!

Daily Cute Kitten Photo

Daily cute Kitten photo!


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Hiding in plain sight – Part 2

Hiding in plain sight, Part 2.

We added a little extra one below the album which really FREAKS US OUT!

And Finally…


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Playing Hide and Seek, In a Photo. Truly there is an animal in there!

We love playing hide and seek in the office. I think we could probably learn a thing or two from these guys.

Favourite has to be the Mossy Leaf Tailed Gecko.

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ALWAYS Remember The Handbrake… Otherwise…


It’s always important to remember your handbrake when you park your car. Otherwise this could happen to you.

Oh, and if it does, please make sure it was being video taped and send it in to us!

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Pleeaaase Feed Me…

When a cat is hungry, they can’t usually feed themselves.

Most just let off a few loud meows and hope for the best. This little furball wasn’t going to take no for an answer!

The best bit starts at around 1.00min.

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You Know How Some People See Shapes In Clouds – This Is Way Spookier…

Wow! Mind Blown!

I’ve seen shapes in clouds before, but who would have thought there are shapes in countries.

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Best Test Answer Ever!

Assume the role of a Chinese immigrant in 1870 and write a letter home.

Best answer ever.


Now that’s the way to get extra credit, as long as your teacher can read Chinese!

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Make Sure You Watch Where You Walk, You Could End Up Standing On One Of These!

Julian Beever is a world famous chalk artist. I’m sure you have seen some of his previous work before.

Here’s an update on some more unbelievable work.

No 16 has to be one of our favourites.

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The New Style Of Lap Dog. Can’t Wait To See Paris Hilton With One Of These!

What a lap you would need for Simba only 11 months old and already 130 pounds!


Image source Imgur

Cutest dog Ever!

Puppies are cute, but some of them just take the cake!
Take a look at this one and see if we are lying.

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Captain Puerto Rico


Image Source Imgur

Best Response To Negative Feedback Ever!

How do you feel when someone poo poo’s the things you do?

It never feels good.

This is how Honey Maid responded to the criticism surrounding their “This Is Wholesome” Ad:


17 Classified Ads to Make You Laugh

Are there a couple of pieces missing from your own collection?






Thanks for stating the obvious.



Missing Donkey


Take your pick…


The Apocalypse has begun


A good price for a mattress


Encyclopedia no longer required


Save money, buy used


See, it has been done


Thanksgiving leftovers


Hmmm, no thanks


Good with children…


Need a new employee in the office?


Hmm, I wonder if that was a professionally applied stain?


For Sale – but not for sale


Help wanted!


If your missing some teeth, here’s a set of dentures for you.

Oh, but it’s missing some teeth.


Lion King Flash Mob!

How would you like to get on a plane with the Lion King cast serenading you?

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Ahh, Cats are so Graceful!

I have a cat, I thought he was pretty ungraceful.

Cat’s always land on their feet… Don’t they?